About Dell XPS 15 (9550) / Precision 15 (5510) UHD (4K) monitor flickering problem. (Solved)

Dell laptop XPS/Precision with UHD (4K) monitor is very beautiful model.
But!! After upgrades BIOS to 1.2.x, your monitor will start flickering.

If you wanna reduce this problem, the best way is downgrade BIOS to 1.2.0.

Unfortunately, the BIOS version 1.2.0 download link has been removed from Dell official site...

Here is archives:
Dell XPS 15 BIOS (1.2.0):

Dell Precision 15 BIOS (1.2.0):

PS. Somebody says another way is that downgrade Intel driver to version 4331, 4352 or others can solve this problem.
...I tried, but the monitor is still flickering.



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